Thursday, September 8, 2011

Medical Malfunctions Records Releases

*Updated MAY 3,2015

(Everything listed is still available everything else is sold out)

MMR 009 Vomiting Shit/ Vomit Birth split tape
MMR 011 Noise Nazi/ Deep Fried Embryo Split #2 cdr
MMR 014  Araneomorphae Demo tape  #1            
MMR 015 Noise Nazi "Anxiety  Storm" ep cdr
MMR 016 Deep Fried Embryo/ Facial For two split cdr
MMR 017 Vaporized Victim/ Vomiting Shit split cdr
MMR 018 Deep Fried Embryo/ Fall The Wall split mcdr
MMR 019  Noise Nazi "Web of Torture" cdr
MMR 020 Deep Fried Embryo " 5 years of a shitty noise" mcdr 
MMR 023 Cedric's Lettuce vs Anal Sadness cdr
MMR 024 Noise Nazi "the homofascist" full legth cdr
MMR 025 4way split tape (FYL, Heretical warlust, ToBo, Esputo Tngrante)
MMR 028 Torture Border/Deep Fried Embryo split mcdr
MMR 029 HxAxMxNxAxTxUxSxCxHxR/ Noise Nazi split cdr(re-release)
MMR 030 Gorgonized Dorks/ Deep Fried Embryo split mcdr
MMR 031 Deep Fried Embryo/ X Crymore split cdr
MMR 032 Noise Nazi "Life Beyond" Ep cdr
MMR 034  Vomiting Shit/ Xcrymore split cdr
MMR 035  Noise Nazi "over population leads to rapid industrialization" cdr ep  
MMR 037  Noise Nazi/Zeron Unit split cdr
MMR 038  Eat Your Pets/ Facial for Two split mcdr
MMR 040  out soon
MMR 041  Septic Incubation vs Anal Death Fetus cdr                                                                            
MMR 045  Noise Helviti "my beautiful torture chamber" ep cdr
MMR 046  Noise Nazi "schizo porntrips" deluxe 2011 edition album cdr
MMR 050  Deep Fried Embryo/ Collapse Madness split cdr
MMR 051  Redsk / Vomiting Shit split mcdr
MMR 052  Fuck Your Life/ Contaminated Catheter split cdr
MMR 053  Fuck Your Life/ Milzbrand split cdr   
MMR 054  Insects on a Corpse/ Fuck Your Life split  *Final FYl Release* 
MMR 055  Andominimetophillia/ Vomiting Shit Split cdr   
MMR 056 Gastroesophagel Reflux/ Vomiting Shit Split cdr  
MMR 060 To-Bo-Bondage, sex and whiskey part 3
MMR 062 Fuck Your Life "peace and love " demo tape
MMR 064 Vomiting Shit/ Jason "evil" covelli split cdr
MMR 068 Infected Cow Piss "Barnyard showers" cdr demo 1
MMR 069 Deep Fried Embryo/ Breakfast on Jupiter split cdr 
MMR 070 Deep Fried Embryo/  Noise Helviti split cdr
MMR 071 Noise Nazi "Fuck My dead Body" ep cdr
MMR 072 Fatal Position/ Deep Fried Embryo split cdr
MMR 075 Stab!- "Macht Frei" procover cdr
MMR 076 Vomiting Shit/Noise Nazi  Collab/split tape
MMR 077 Collapse Madness/ Vomiting Shit split cdr
MMR 079 Noise Nazi "History Lesson" ep cdr
MMR 080 Deep Fried Embryo/ HxIx split cdr
MMR 085 Fatal Position/Vomiting shit split cdr
MMR 086 Noise Nazi/ Red SK split #7 2012 cdr
MMR 090 Flabby Rabies Flap/ Candidal Vulvovaginitis split cdr
MMR 092 Cumshovel/ Scatacratia split cdr
MMR 094 Noise Helviti "Degradation " ep cdr
MMR 095 I Will Guillotine Your Chihuaha/ Deep Fried Em,bryo split cdr
MMR 098 Suicide Kicked in- Hung out to dry demo 1 cdr
MMR 100 Deep Fried Embryo- fun with fecal matter  cdr
MMR 101 Hyperbilirubinemia demo 2012 cdr
MMR 102 Noise Nazi "2 and 4" ep cdr
MMR 109  Sordo/Deep Fried Embryo split tape (co-release) 
MMR 111 Phantasm Nocturnes/ Noise Nazi Split tape
MMR 112 Liquified  Insides/Araneomorphae split tape 
MMR 113 Gruesome Toilet "Aroma du toilette" cdr(co-release)
MMR 114 out soon
MMR 117 Vesicoureteral Reflux /Human Offal Concealment/Rottencrotch 3 way split cdr
MMR 118 Spore Juice "Time for slime" Tape
MMR 119 Captain three Leg/ Deep Fried Embryo split cdr
MMR 120 Grief Whore Demo cdr
MMR 124 Joy Of Torture/ Vomiting Shit Split cdr
MMR 125 out soon
MMR 126 Vomiting Shit/ Death Victim split cdr
MMR 127 Glotzer "Locus Coeruleus" tape
MMR 128  out soon
MMR 129 Deep Fried Embryo/Oral Protection/AxEx 3 way split tape
MMR 130 Redsk/Deep Fried Embryo split cdr 
MMR 132 more info soon
MMR 135 Hypoprothrombinemia/Vomiting Shit split tape
MMR 136 CxSxMxLxWxIxCxCxPxCxCxAxH Demo Tape
MMR 137 Beligerant SnailShit/FCP  "Public enemy" split tape
MMR 139 CxSxMxLxWxIxCxCxPxCxCxAxH/Maggots In A Bloated Corpse split cdr
MMR 140  Liquidised/CxSxMxLxWxIxCxCxPxCxCxAxH split tape
MMR 141 Extermination Order "Barbarism Descends" Demo cdr
MMR 142 Vesicoureteral Reflux/CxOxUxPxOx/HxAxMxIxNxEx/MxTxOxUxMxPx
                 4way split tape
MMR 143 Biodegradable Shitscum/hyperbilirubenemia/PxLxPx/Ascaris Lumbricoides 3way split cdr
                co-release with organopexic gorenoise records
MMR 144 Noise Nazi/Human Virus Transmission split cdr
MMR 145 Forced Pollution "Sesson 1" Demo tape
MMR 146 Liquidised/HxAxMxIxNxE/TxHxCx 3 way split tape
MMR 147 Vesicointestinal Fistula "Failed Cystoscopy" demo1 tape
MMR 148 Rectal Fermintation/ Anal Cake split tape
MMR 149 Hypoprothrombinemia/ Anal Cake split tape
MMR 150 Vesicointestinal Fistula/Liquidised split cdr
MMR 151 Carnal Excretment/Anal Cake split cdr
MMR 152 Agonizing Excess Bowel acid....." Gruesome orgy in virgin viscera" cdr
MMR 153 Hatefilled cocks/Deep Fried Embryo/Garbato/Fuck me Fuck my noize 
                 4way split cdr
MMR 154 more info soon
MMR 155 more info soon
MMR 156 Wormfest/Anal Cake split cdr
MMR 157 more info soon

prices are as follows:

cdrs- $3.00 usd*

procover cdrs-$4.00 usd*

tapes-$4.00 usd*

*plus shipping

contact for paypal info trades are welcome but contact first, trading is limited especially on  overseas orders.--contact at or for trades/orders

More stuff out soon!

(sorry for anyone who gives a shit, this is a free low cost label for noise and now it is getting slowed down alot because of the postage increase, this label is not RIP yet. just slowed down alot)